The Dulwich College Suzhou university and careers counselling team works with students across the whole school. We offer a holistic, student-centered approach providing social-emotional, university and career guidance. Students engage in The Dulwich College Success Plan, which is a personal enrichment curriculum that guides and encourages students to develop personal insight at an early age.  This programme provides age appropriate learning and chances for self-discovery as an integral part of every student’s education. 

Our university counselling programme starts in Year 7 as starts with self-understanding before shifting focus to university and career research in Year 10. From education about university systems, personal statement workshops, and leadership seminars, to building a philosophy of self-confidence and self-awareness, our programmes ensures students are  in a position to realise well-informed dreams and leave school university and career ready, confident in their abilities to plan and guide their own futures. 

Our student to counsellor ratio is guaranteed to be no greater than 30:1 in Year 13. As a result of both group and individual work, we ensure students choose universities and degrees that are most appropriate to their interests. We believe this leads to higher quality matches in university systems throughout the world, better experiences for our students at university, and enables above-average potential for long-term career success. 

Dulwich students have the advantage of not only receiving personalised service from their campus counsellors but also benefit from the indirect support that comes from having 20 experienced counsellors with diverse backgrounds sharing ideas and best practices throughout the Dulwich network of schools.


  • 360 Gang Tian Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park
  • Suzhou, 215021
  • T: +86 512 6295 9500   苏ICP备08001702号

Our Definition of Learning

Good learning is a meaningful experience where students enjoy making connections between new and existing knowledge, skills and understanding. Students are engaged, challenged and are able to reflect independently and collaboratively on their progress.

An Exciting Learning Space

With our extensive facilities each student has the opportunity to excel. Leading the way in Suzhou, we have made significant investments to ensure we provide a safe and secure environment, where our children benefit from second to none learning facilities.

Our Ethos

We believe education has to be as flexible, creative and adaptive as our increasingly complex, ever-changing and inter-connected world.

Our Students Stand Out of the Crowd

We equip our students with the learning and the character to stand up and stand out, now and in the future.

A Dulwich College Student

The creative energy and wide ranging abilities of our students will provide you with a sense of what you can expect from a Dulwich College Suzhou education.

Helping Our Students Reach Higher Goals

Thanks to a tradition of high academic results and excellent connections, Dulwich College International schools are well known by leading universities with our students accepted by the top 100 universities in the world.

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