Budding astronomers from Dulwich College Suzhou are striving to become the first students in Asia to launch a satellite into space.

Only two US schools have so far managed to achieve this in the world. The students behind it are a team of 8 aspiring engineers, physicists and computer scientists. Most are only 15 years old from Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and Europe. Their dream is to send a nano-satellite into space. These satellites are between 1 and 10kg, contain all the basic elements of a satellite such as a radio, aerial, solar cells and instruments, and cost far less than the full-sized version.

Once built, they want to send it from the Jiuquan Launch Centre – which is where China launched its first satellite in 1970. But there’s more to it than just a nano-sat, they want to attach a device enabling them to send messages to it via radio transfer….the big question is, is there other life in space that will receive it?

Led by 15 year old Warren Su, the students came up with the idea during one of their meetings for their Astro-magazine club. This is an after school club which creates reading for fellow space lovers. By building the nano-sat they want to learn as much as they can about the science behind it, as well as space travel once it’s out in orbit.

Making a satellite is a complex task and requires full commitment from all involved. The team is busy researching through the internet, approaching experts in the field for their advice, and fitting this all around their school work. They are eager to gain some contacts with professionals who will be able to help them make their dream come true.

So far, they’ve managed to win a prestigious competition through NASA, the Museum of Science Fiction and Cornell University. This summer they’ll be travelling to Washington DC for the awards ceremony. They hope to meet some experts there who can help them move their project forward.

The team is currently working on the prototype, which they designed at the Dulwich College Suzhou Design and Technology department, using a Computer Aided Design Programme. Then they contacted the Suzhou based 3D printing company, iDreamer3D, who helped them plan and create the legs for the prototype using a 3D printer. The company has also become a sponsor, and is helping the team spread the word about their project.

Once the prototype is complete, they’ll present to the school’s management company, Dulwich College International, as well as other potential sponsors, in order to gain more revenue to pay for the launch of the final satellite. They hope they’ll achieve this within the next year.


Earth Day 2016 

For over 45 years, Earth Day has been bringing communities and organisations together to advocate for a healthier environment and a sustainable life. Now over one billion people in 192 countries participate in Earth Day activities, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

Here at Dulwich College Suzhou, students and staff are leading the way to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for the College.  Here are some of the great achievements so far:

  • Reduced energy consumption in our Senior School by around 17% - that means 17% less carbon emissions into the atmosphere!
  • We have reduced our paper consumption by 158,000 pages - that’s 19 trees saved. And we only use Forest Stewardship Council paper to make sure the wood used to make our paper comes from sustainable sources.
  • Our coffee shops serve UTZ certified coffee which supports the development of sustainable farming and the livelihood of farmers who do all the hard work to provide us with our cup of coffee.
  • By collecting and recycling water we have saved over 14,000 tonnes of water - enough to provide our students with their daily water needs for 98 days. 

Over the past few weeks our Eco Council students have been organising and planning many events and activities which were then implemented on 22 April, Earth Day. These are some of the activities:

  • A Green Promise Tree in DUCKS and Junior School was set up for the students to attach their environmental pledges. “I will recycle and make a robot using recycled boxes” -Sophie Hallam EL2.  “I will turn off the tap when I brush my teeth” - Ye Eun Year 1
  • Contributions from a Free Dress Day on Earth Day provided funds for future school projects. The students had to wear Earth Day colours.
  • There was a sale of baked goods and plants from the DUCKS garden in DUCKS and Junior School. Funds raised are going towards animal adoption with World Wildlife Fund and for SAPA, a local animal shelter.
  • 11 more trees were planted in our sustainable forest.
  • There was a vegetarian menu in the restaurants for lunch that day and no red meat dishes
  • Junior School students held a trash fashion competition ending with a fashion show.
  • There was a full day of events in the Senior School involving planting, cooking, bird box making, film making and a trash fashion show.
  • Tours were held for the Senior School students around the campus providing information about our carbon footprint and debates were held on sustainability and the environment.
Our Senior School students were really excited about making their own bird houses.
“I was able to use all the tools in the DT room by myself.  It was a lot of fun putting the birdhouse together and we didn’t need much teacher help.” Year 7 student
The gardening group had a really good morning filling planter boxes and planting seeds and seedlings.
“They are already starting to grow and this is less than a week after we planted!  It was interesting learning how to layer the rocks and soil in the planter boxes.” Year 9 student
They were inspired by the intorduction to Earth Day.
“I now want to go coral reef diving.  This looks amazing with all the fish and different colors.”  Year 7 student
Cooking, supported by Chartwells our on-site caterers, was a huge hit and students really enjoyed the experience.
“I was able to get everything prepared and ready for my dishes.  Then we were able to eat the food we had cooked.  I really enjoyed doing this.” Year 8 student

The Crescendo Project by Cindy, Year 11

The Crescendo Project is a community service project aiming to offer music education to students in migrant schools around Suzhou. Currently we are working on providing guitars and guitar lessons for Grade 4 and 5 students in Ming Xing Migrant School, an elementary migrant school in Old Town. 

Through a series of fundraising events starting from the beginning of this year, we’ve raised enough money to purchase 21 guitars for the students at Ming Xing, and finally went there for our first time last Saturday. The experience was completely inspiring — the children were lovely and passionate, despite their adverse environment, and were all eager to learn this new instrument. Watching them play their first chords on the guitar and seeing their proud smiles made us truly believe in what we do and the difference we’re making. We will offer these weekly guitar lessons until May, and will continue to do so next school year.

There will also be a charity concert on April 22nd, starting from 6:00pm, to raise money for our activities next year. Everyone is invited! Tickets will be around 30-40 RMB, and more details about ticketing will be released soon. If you’re interested in volunteering or have any ideas/suggestions for us, please contact us at crescendoproject@dulwich-suzhou.cn. Also, follow us on social media to receive weekly updates! Our Instagram account is “crescendo_dcsz” and our Weibo account is “CrescendoProject乐计划”. 

ACAMIS Music Room Project

(written by Joo Eun, Year 11)

There are times in your life when something you thought wouldn’t happen does happen. That is what the Ming Xing Music Room Project was like for me. The idea behind it all started about a year ago, when I was walking to a Vivace String Ensemble Rehearsal at 7am in the morning. Having slept really late the night before, I was in a peculiarly grumpy mood and I remember complaining quite loudly to my friend on how unfair it was that we had to wake up so early every week. As soon as the complaint left my mouth, however, I could not help but cringe at how selfish I was sounding.

People often take things for granted. Its a cliche, but its true. Only I never knew I was doing the same thing until that moment. Looking around, I was taking everything for granted — the music rooms, the lunch we eat every day at school, the teachers, any other school facility — despite knowing that a short drive away, there was a school filled with hundreds of children (not very different from us) who would have given anything to have the opportunities we are given every day. And so in my guilt, I began fantasising in my head. I wanted to build a music room for the students where they could let go of life’s troubles and enjoy themselves for once. But I was stumped. I didn’t know where to get the funds for it, how I was going to organise it, I didn’t know anything. Until our Service Coordinator teacher approached me with a suggestion — applying to ACAMIS for grant money to fund my idea.

I wasn’t expecting anything, of course, even as I sent my application in. For a few months I got no response, and so I tucked the idea away; until, during a geography lesson last September I suddenly got an email from ACAMIS telling me they were going to give me 2000 USD (129,500 RMB) to fund my idea! Before I knew what was happening, I was suddenly with a team of 20 or so students, and for the next five weeks we would brainstorm, plan, furnish, design, buy things off Taobao, freak out and ultimately work towards the same goal: to build a music room for them.
Last week was the first time we went to Ming Xing; we finished the first coat around the walls, and we are going to go back this week and the next to finish the job. Next year, I am hoping to spread this project to other schools in need so that even more students are opened up to more opportunities. Seeing just one idea that I had almost a year ago come true was a truly magical experience and I cannot wait to continue the project in the near future.


MADD (Music, Art, Drama and Dance) Festival

The festival is in full swing at Dulwich College Suzhou with over 200 Junior School students from across the Dulwich network.


  • 90%
    Students attend their first choice university
  • 50%+
    Teachers are British
  • 40+
    Different Nationalities are represented in our diverse student body
  • 100+
    Sports fixtures played by our teams this year


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