On Thursday 24th September a group of very talented Senior School students launched their series of 16 Building Learning Power (BLP) story books, written and illustrated by them, to an invited audience of parents and staff.

Our special guest was none other than Professor Guy Claxton, one of the UK’s leading experts on the development of young people’s learning and creative capacities. He is the co-author of the BLP approach and several acclaimed books on the mind, including ‘The Learning Powered School’ and ‘Educating Ruby’. His practical ideas about how to expand young people’s appetite and capacity for learning have influenced educational theory and practice across the world.

Following the students presentations Mr Claxton congratulated them on their fantastic achievement saying “To my knowIedge, this is the first school in the world to have such an extensive project involving Senior School students developing learning disposition story books for the younger students and is a fantastic achievement by everyone involved.”

The project all started in the spring when Laura Macnamara, one of our DUCKS teachers, was struggling to find storybooks that had clear enough links to learning dispositions'. She approached Sarah Holden in the Senior School to see if it might be possible to find students who could create Building Learning Power/ learning disposition linked storybooks. The feeling was that teaching learning dispositions through stories could be a powerful learning tool for young children. Laura was in contact with Guy Claxton and he had told her that this would be a completely original project, since no books of this type currently existed!

A vital aspect of these books would be the illustrations, so Cherie Smith, Head of Art in Senior School, also joined the project and together they started to build teams of illustrators and writers. In all about 30 students committed to take part in the project. Everyone has been very impressed with their drive and levels of commitment. Year 9 illustrators worked on designs in class time and for homework, Year 12 students used it as a 'live' project with a client and as part of their first exploration of Design and working as art directors. As part of the process the stories were given a ‘test-run’ with some Year 1 students and edits were made in response to the children’s feedback. Within 25 school days the books were written and illustrated!

Janani and Clemence, two of the Year 12 illustrators, were inspired to be a part of the project by the enthusiasm and excitement of their teachers, Mrs Smith and Mrs Holden. “As Year 12's we had never had the chance to interact with the DUCKS and very rarely talked to the Year 9 students. This opportunity was such a great experience since it integrated both the eldest and the youngest students of Dulwich College Suzhou to work in a fun, collaborative atmosphere. Our contribution to this project as the Year 12's was to create the front and back book covers, fill in missing illustrations between the books and supervise the Year 9's. This included quality checks, deadlines for the illustrations and also putting all their work together at the end of the project. Looking at the final outcomes now, we are overjoyed to see the reaction of the DUCKS students.

All of the books have now been published as online flipbooks which will be available to students, teachers and parents. 



Today, September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. In recognition of this momentous occasion, students in Dulwich College Suzhou spent yesterday taking part in the ‘World’s Largest Lesson’, an initiative where students across the world have been inspired to learn about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (also known as the SDGs). With Sustainability being a key focus for the College, the students at Dulwich College Suzhou spent time watching video clips, thinking and discussing their ideas to make our lives more sustainable and learning the meaning of their ecological footprint. After finding out more about the 17 Global Goals they chose their favourite and created pictures to represent what it meant to them. More information about the ‘World’s Largest Lesson’ can be found at:


During the day, the students learned that the aims of the SDGs are as follows:

  • End extreme poverty. 
  • Fight inequality & injustice. 
  • Fix climate change. 

The 17 Global Goals for sustainable development, which are shown below, could get these things done, providing everyone works together in all countries – that is why the ‘World’s Largest lesson’ is so important in helping young, global citizens learn more about them. 

Award winning film maker, Doug Allan, to attend the first Dulwich Climate Conference in Suzhou

30th -31st October will see the first Dulwich Climate Conference hosted at Dulwich College Suzhou. 


At Dulwich College Suzhou, we believe that engaging with nature and respecting the environment are important.  We are mindful of the impact we have on our environment at The College and believe we have a duty and a responsibility to help our students become leaders and innovators in sustainability so that they understand the effect of their lifestyle on the climate. Our young people have the opportunity to make a positive change in the world and through giving them time and space to think through the challenges and opportunities, we hope that they will become driving forces for positive change.

The Climate Conference aims to inspire students from across the Dulwich network. The conference gives them a unique opportunity to learn from renowned experts in the field who have witnessed and researched climate change, and who have a clear understanding of how to live more sustainably. Amongst our key speakers is Doug Allan, a freelance wildlife and documentary cameraman with a string of high profile award winning films and series for the major TV networks worldwide, including the BBC’s The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet and Frozen Planet. Mr Allan will share his first-hand experience from the Antarctic, the effects of climate change on our environment and the impact it is having on our wildlife.

Professor Jan Bebbington and Dr Shona Russell from St Andrew’s University, respected experts in the field who specialise in research about climate change and sustainability will also be speaking at the conference.

Our LEED certified Senior School is one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in Suzhou. We have made significant investments in filtered fresh air systems with energy saving technology to provide a safe and secure environment for our students. This summer we opened our new inspirational learning space for our Early Years students. Described by many as being the most amazing playground they have ever seen in an international environment, this natural play area has been designed to connect our children with nature and to develop their understanding of the natural environment. Filled with natural materials, lots of greenery and exciting spaces for our children to explore, it fits in perfectly with the broader strategy of sustainability at the College.

We want the College to be an active science lab, where the students can engage in learning activities based on sustainability issues, think about solutions to challenges, and to feel empowered to take action. Our first Climate Conference will set Dulwich College International students on the path to return to their own College ready to take the lead with practical ideas that will make a real difference both now and in the future.

Over the summer the Green Gardeners have grown a batch of fresh, organic carrots and we're excited to offer them for sale to students, teachers and parents. Profits will be used for the maintainence of their garden to start fresh projects during this year to make the Dulwich College Suzhou campus greener, healthier, and yummier.


Overall Average of 38.1 Points - Outstanding IB Results

The Class of 2015 are celebrating the best ever IB results at Dulwich College Suzhou with an average points score of 38.1 out of 45. This significant improvement in results, which is well above the world average, is a tangible reflection of the superb effort of the students and the ability of our teaching staff. 

35% of our students scored 40 points or more (out of 45) with Jeung Byun Hyun and Thomas Langmans the top achievers on 43 points.

Head of Senior School, Stuart Bridge, was delighted, “I am especially pleased to see such impressive improvement in the average scores, with so many students significantly surpassing their predicted grades. The students have taken part in a huge range of competitive sports,  dramatic productions, musical events and ensembles, community service and too many other activities to list. This is part of the broad and balanced education Dulwich provides which is complimentary to a world class academic programme. Together with the excellent IB results from Dulwich College Beijing and Shanghai this puts the Dulwich group amongst the top performing IB schools in the world.”

Headmaster, John Todd, commented, “This is such a wonderful achievement and our students and staff should be immensely proud of their achievements. Dulwich College Suzhou provides the best possible learning environment for its students and this focus on providing all round excellence has enabled our students to achieve the best IB results in Suzhou, well ahead of the results from other international schools in Suzhou.”

International Old Alleynians, the Class of 2015 from Dulwich College Suzhou, will be attending some outstanding universities from across the world including Imperial College London, London School of Economics, University of Washington (US), University of Warwick (UK), University of Bath (UK), University of Nottingham (UK), Brock University (Canada), University of Strathclyde (UK), University of Toronto (Canada), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Instituto Europeo di Design (Italy).

Experiencing Nature in our New Early Years Playground

Amidst great excitement we opened the new playground for our Early Learning students (aged 2 to 6 years old) last week. After many months of planning and huge investment over the summer to install and complete the project, it was wonderful to finally see our students exploring their new space.

“Inspirational learning spaces are hugely important at Dulwich College Suzhou and we are setting the standard yet again with this new natural play area for our Early Years students.” John Todd, Headmaster, told parents, “The concept is to connect our children with nature and to grow their understanding of the natural environment.  The children now have an inspiring outdoor learning space and we look forward to integrating outdoor learning into many different areas of the curriculum.”

With the overall design being undertaken by Greenspace from Shanghai, the playground equipment has been sourced from Kompan, award winning specialists in playground design, to ensure all equipment is age appropriate and meets strict safety standards. Their equipment in the playground has been constructed using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) materials to ensure we support responsible management of the world’s forests.  This continues our association with FSC, building on the certified paper we use for printing. This is vitally important to The College and our wider philosophy concerning sustainability.

Filled with natural materials, lots of greenery and exciting spaces for our children to explore, Head of DUCKS, Melody Stuckey, says, “Our children now have a very unique opportunity to discover, create and learn more about the natural world in the best playground I have ever seen!”

This project fits in perfectly with the broader strategy of sustainability at The College and being mindful of the impact we have on our environment. We are delighted to be leading the way in Suzhou once again in this area, which is so vital to us all. 

A* Success with Outstanding iGCSE Results at Dulwich College Suzhou

Following last month’s IB Diploma Programme success with students gaining an average of 38.1 (out of 45) and the best results by far of any international school in Suzhou, Dulwich College Suzhou students are celebrating outstanding iGCSE results. 64% of all examinations taken were graded A*/A (A* is the highest possible grade) and over 99% gained A* - C. 16 students averaged an A grade or better in each exam. Mr Stuart Bridge, Head of Senior School, commented:  “We are absolutely thrilled with our results this year, not least by the number of students who have surpassed their predicted grades. This success is a great testament to the students’ own hard work, coupled with the enormous support given by the teaching staff at DCSZ. I am truly delighted for one and all!”

John Todd, Headmaster of Dulwich College Suzhou expressed delight at the results. “We are confident that we offer our students the best possible start in life. Our outstanding examination results mean that our students have a competitive advantage in securing places at the world’s top universities. Once again Dulwich is setting the standard in Suzhou and we are justifiably proud of the achievements of our students.”

  • 90%
    Students attend their first choice university
  • 50%+
    Teachers are British
  • 40+
    Different Nationalities are represented in our diverse student body
  • 100+
    Matches played last year by our sports teams 
  • 360 Gang Tian Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park
  • Suzhou, 215021

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